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комплексное обслуживание предприятий,
занятых в сфере добычи полезных ископаемых и геологоразведки


RC, DTH трубы

VIQING, with a Q that stands for Quality.
With more than 100 years combined experience of manufacturing drilling equipment we guarantee high quality products. We work close with our customers and can make customized products on your demand.

Friction welded drill pipes, adapters/subs and other drilling accessories for mining, geothermal-, water well-, construction- and exploration drilling is our main area.

All our products are made out of high quality steel from Europe with the technical specifications the industry require. We use API certified thread gauges for inspection before delivery.

With our experience, from many years of manufacturing drill pipes and equipment, we have developed products for maximum service lifetime. This is an important benefit for both us and our clients.